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Welcome to 4FunMU Warrior ! Have a good time with us !
Exp: 500x Drop:65%
New Ancient / News Items and more..
Come and Play with US !!

Grand Opening in 1.January

Hello Everyone


BETA TIME CLOSE in 30.December

GRAND OPENING  in 1.January. 2022 to 20:00 GMT+2


4Fun MUOnline 

Season 3 Episode 1 - [Custom]

Exp: 500x Drop: 65%

Grand Reset to 65Reset - 3000 Coins

Custom Items Added Excellent + Ancient 

New Mok Ancient for BK and DL and more..


Details About BETA TIME


Now Server is in BETA to can testing everything and to be ready for Grand Opening.

If you find Something or bugs or you have suggestions to help server please contact the Staff 4FunMU via Discord or Via Forum.


Everyone who will help us in BETA will get Reward when will be Grand Opening.


Thank You.

The 4FunMU Team.

4FunMU Season 3 Edition

New Screenshots


Vote our Server!

    Vote for server every 12 hours in the VoteReward page and receive credits!and you can buy items from Webshop

    private server private server
    Currently this is only one server.